– Version: 1.1
– Last update: 10/19/2022

\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\  \\\\ \\ \\InstaBooster – Grow Instagram video followers, likes and views for Android is an effective and free tool that help your Instagram channel get more follower and likes & views. Our products are created by Java Kotlin, Python3 combined with Chromedriver on the basement of Seleminum. Clients can install easily by yourself through our documentation

  • Customer Mobile App Source Code (based on Android Framework)
  • Backend Web Admin Panel (based on nodejs Framework)

What do you need to provide us?

To customize your app you need to provide us with the following:
  • Your app Name
  • Your App logo
  • Your app’s splash screen
  • Your Ads Id 

What will you get

  • Ready Made App
  • Will Setup the admin Panel
  • And other Requirement integration

#1 Customer Mobile App:

⭐️ In-app purchase

Users can get stars with 1-click. All payments are processed by Google Pay

⭐️ Ads banner

Full screen banner appears before visiting the premium page and bottom banner is fixed at the bottom of vpn and profile screens. Both of them work through Admob that is easy to set up at Admin Panel

⭐️ Unlimited Instagram data

The recent apps on market only provide a specific number of Instagram data. InstaBooster is ONLY Instagram follower booster app for searching any Instagram profile. Moreover, we prepare some users for the first launch for clients.

⭐️ Addictive algorithm

We have used an algorithm to random profile card, basing on gender, interest, behavior … to keep users on screen as long as possible

⭐️ Login with only Instagram ID

Removing complicated passwords, users can access their profile quickly by Instagram ID

⭐️ Awesome UI Design and Animation

3 seconds is the average time for an app to impress and convince an user to download it. To do it, your app needs an eye-catching User Interface and App Icon. StrongVPN has been designed by the best UI designers who always ensure your app much more outstanding

#2 Admin panel

⭐️ Dashboard

Through visual charts describing the number of active users, Premium subscription by years …. admin can make business decisions more exactly

⭐️ User Management

All user data are gathered in a table where admin can search and contact in specific cases

⭐️ Boost Management

The primary place in the system that clients can install / edit / remove boost logic to exchange stars to followers

⭐️ Pack Management

The secondary place in the system that clients can install / edit / remove packs for users to get stars

Contact us

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach us on  via contact us page

What will you get

  • Ready Made App
  • Will Setup the admin Panel
  • And other Requirement integration

contact us  for more information.

Demo Account

  Demo url: https://witdoc.app/instagram/admin/
  Email: hello@witwork.app
  Password: WitWorkApp

Please contact us once before buying

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Yes, You can contact us 24*7, We will provide you free support
Yes, Future Updates are Free and available.
Yes, We will Provide You A License Key(For Admin Panel) /Purchase Code (Non-Admin Panel)
Basically, it takes us 4 to 5 days to remodify the app but sometimes it may take more, we will inform you via email.
After we handover your app to you you will have to pay the rest amount
If you don't trust us then we have a Fiverr Pay option for you where you have to deposit the entire amount of the app initially to the Fiverr platform, after we hand over the app to you, Fiverr will deposit the amount in our account, otherwise, you will get your money back


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Last Update: December 28, 2022
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